Fourth of July Fireworks in Heisler Park (Laguna Beach)

by Chris

Laguna Beach Fireworks (photo courtesy of OC Register)

Laguna Beach Fireworks (photo courtesy of OC Register)

The City of Laguna Beach has tentatively earmarked funding for the 2011-2012 budget to continue the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Display in Heisler Park.

In previous years, financial challenges to the budget and concern for the ecologically sensitive marine areas below the launch site at Monument Point in Heisler Park staged debates about whether to continue this annual tradition.

During 2009 when budget crisis led to initial cuts of this program, many local residents and the Laguna Board of Realtors rallied to raise funds to keep this family-oriented activity on the schedule.

Although the city council still needs to vote on this measure, it looks like families can continue to enjoy July 4th Fireworks in Heisler Park, courtesy of the City of Laguna Beach!

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