Intercultural Communication - Belgian Style!

by Heidi
(Seward, Nebraska, USA)

I came to Laguna Beach for a college choir trip just recently. With my tour partner with me, we set out to find a nice restaurant to eat our dinner for that night. Everything in Laguna Beach was relatively expensive compared to the places where we were from. We told ourselves that it was an exotic experience that deserved a little splurging, though.

I remembered that for a class I was taking, I was supposed to eat at an ethically unique restaurant and tell my experience about it. So we decided to hit the Brussels Bistro in order to get my assignment done while having a nice dinner. Two birds with one stone.

I can't even express how great the experience was! I wish desperately that I could remember our waiter's name, but I can't. Regardless... He was phenomenal! I asked him about the Brussels culture and how the food represented that. He was very obliging and even offered to speak in French for me. Unfortunately for me, I didn't understand what he meant when he asked me in French. Haha! That would have been something! But he was extremely nice and adorably funny.

I wasn't brave enough to try the famous Belgian dish of mussels and beer, so I ended up getting the Vol au vent de poulet et champignons et son cornet de frites. (Fancy name!) It reminded me of turkey pot pie! It was super delicious! My partner got the Duo de saucisses à la Belge, compote de pommes et pomme de terre au lard which was also amazing. The food is definitely worth the extra money for sure.

I definitely recommend this restaurant!

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