Kicked out of Jean Pauls today!

by Anonymous


I didnt know about this and recently discovered Jean’s chocolate croissant. It is light, airy and filled with a dark chocolate.

This was my second attempt and I didnt know about the Starbucks warning. I was carrying my Starbucks latte and walked in and three steps inside the door he stopped what he was doing and said "get out"! He started yelling at me, telling me I was not smart and he was very angry. Then I approached him because he said you are not smart at all buying such coffee, and he rants that Starbucks is owned by some guy from the Middle East and about how Starbucks was sued for billions for their coffee making everyone sick.

I thought this was well, the craziest thing I had ever experienced in my life, literally. Even though he might be right- for him to rant and rave on such a beautiful day in Laguna Beach is beyond me.

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