Louie and The Phat Cats

by Felix
(Mission Viejo)

Louie and the Phat Cats

Louie and the Phat Cats

Returning to your roots can be a hard thing to do. Sometimes it means leaving everything and everyone you know and love behind. For the five gentlemen of “Louie and The Phat Cats” returning to their roots means returning to the type of jazz they heard as teens and grown ups. Influenced heavily by jazz-blues, jazz-funk, Latin jazz and R&B, Phat Cats are playing music of most famous jazz legends but on their own way and style. Blurring the lines of what is thought to be traditional jazz-blues, smooth jazz, contemporary jazz and funk, Phat Cats have made a sound truly all their own.

Please visit our website at www.phatcatsjazz.com for more information and shows dates.

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