Marriage Proposal<3

by Michael Arredondo
(Livermore, CA)

Marriage Proposal at the BeachHouse and Still In Love Twenty Years Later!

Marriage Proposal at the BeachHouse and Still In Love Twenty Years Later!

In 1991 I was stood up on a date set up by my cousin. That same night I met a girl at a gas station (of all places?!!). We were madly in love and so 6 months later I made reservations at the BeachHouse out on the patio and proposed to her... it was one of the best days of my life! The waitresses knew my plan and apparently had let several of the guests inside in on what was happening so the minute she said yes and we kissed, the whole restaurant erupted with cheers, applause and toasts!!! The table next to us bought us drinks and it was just such a wonderful experience. :-D It couldn't have been any better. We were married within 1 year of meeting!

Oh and the good news? We had a son who is now 16 and yes.... we are STILL madly in love and the best of friends! :-D Going on 20 years of marriage (not perfect...there is no such thing) but ahhhhh.... what a blessing this journey has been so far!!

Thanks to the BeachHouse for the warm memories and helping us get off to a great start!! We can't wait to come back and visit.

Love you guys!!


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