by Carl
(Laguna Beach, CA)

A Small Part of Our Gallery<br>at STEVEN LUCAS FINE ARTS

A Small Part of Our Gallery

The most exquisite fine arts gallery in Southern California is right here in Laguna Beach, but no one knew it until now. Steven Lucas Fine Arts Showroom has opened the long private Masterpiece Publishing Art Gallery to the public for the first time. Showing 10 of today's most acclaimed "blue chip" artist, the gallery is also one of the largest in Laguna Beach.

It truly is a destination worth seeing if you are a serious art lover. There is a wonderful collection of limited edition original bronze sculptures and only original large, emotional and uplifting paintings.

Just 1/2 mile up the canyon from the Arts Festival grounds with plenty of FREE parking, and in a beautiful setting across from a wilderness park. The perfect place to enjoy top notch original works from nationally acclaimed artists!

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