Laguna Beach Dog Park

Laguna Beach Dog Park SignThe Laguna Beach Dog Park is a fantastic facility for your dogs to socialize and interact with other pups in a grassy area that is over two acres and completely fenced in!
After crossing the entrance bridge and going in through the first gate, there is a preparation area where you can unleash your dogs before they enter the park.

I always recommend that you remove their leashes, because for some reason the dogs always seem to get along much better when they are taken off leash.
Laguna Beach Dog Park Entrance
Laguna Beach Dog ParkInside the Laguna Beach Dog Park you'll find a huge spacious grassy area where your dogs can frolic, romp, and play unleashed with their canine friends. There is also a smaller segregated area for smaller dogs (just in case you prefer a little less excitement!)

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Laguna Beach Dog Park Rules

The rules for the Laguna Beach Dog Park are posted clearly at the entrance of the park. These rules exist to maximize the enjoyment and the safety of the park for all Bark Park patrons.

The posted rules are listed below:
Laguna Beach Dog Park Rules

  1. Dawn to Dusk - Closed Wednesdays, poor weather or as needed.
  2. Enter at your own risk
  1. Dangerous, threatening or aggressive dogs - leash and remove
  2. Food of all types
  3. Female dogs in heat
  4. Commercial usage of the park such as professional dog training
  5. Alcoholic beverages
  6. Abandoning an animal - which will be prosecuted
  7. More than three dogs per adult while inside the park
  8. Minors under the age of 16 without a parent or guardian
General Rules and Regulations
  1. You are responsible for your dogs behavior
  2. Clean and dispose of waste in appropriate manner
  3. Dogs must be at least four months old
  4. Dogs must be in good health and vaccinated
  5. Dogs must be licensed and display a license tag
  6. You must stay inside the park within view of your dog
  7. Dogs may not be left unattended
  8. You must be an adult who is able to control your dogs behavior
  9. You must have a leash in your possession at all times
  10. Close the gates at all times
  11. Leash laws enforced outside the fenced portion of the park
  12. Prevent dogs from digging holes - fill holes if necessary
  13. Dog owners will be held responsible for damage or injury to park
  14. Spay or neuter your pet
  15. Animal Services Officers may issue citations for violations

Parking for the Laguna Beach Dog Park

There is limited free parking in front of Laguna Gardens Nursery and additional metered parking directly in front of the Laguna Beach Dog Park along Laguna Canyon Road (Hwy 133), so don't forget to bring some quarters!

Make sure that you are careful as you enter and exit your vehicle, as traffic along Laguna Canyon can be fast moving. Also, when getting your dogs into or out of your vehicle make sure that your dogs are on leash to keep them safe from nearby passing vehicles until they have safely entered the entrance to the Bark Park.

Laguna Beach Dog Park Location

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