Art for the Soul:
The most inspiring and eclectic store in Laguna Beach!

I’ve said it before- Art for the Soul is my favorite shop in town! Why? One reason could be the inspiring material throughout the store. Inspirational quotes are written in bright colors throughout this store: on the walls, on the jewelry, filling books and yes even on the furniture! Anyone who knows me, understands that I love quotes. I love the little books that they sell that are packed with motivational stories, quotes, thoughts, etc.

Art for the Soul in Laguna Beach, California

(Art for the Soul, Laguna Beach, California)

You’ll constantly find a changing collection of bright and dazzling works designed by different artists. Whether you’re looking for a unique hand-crafted piece of furniture, decoration, or jewelry- or even if you’re just enjoying the exploration- You can’t help but walk away inspired!

Art for the Soul is the type of store that makes Laguna Beach shopping feel so much like entertainment!

Parking at Art for the Soul

There is metered parking along Forest Ave and the adjacent side streets of the Downtown Shopping District. You can also find a metered parking structure at Glenneyre and Laguna St within close walking distance to Art for the Soul.

Art for the Soul Location

Art for the Soul
272 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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