Main Beach Toys
Because for some reason- they don’t let you play with the stuff in the galleries of Laguna Beach!

If you’re looking for a toy store in Laguna Beach, Main Beach Toys is the place to go!! They’ve got everything! Kites, balls, frisbees, Legos, games, trucks, Hello Kitty, removable tattoos, puzzles, coloring books, bubble-wands, activity books- just to name a few. Since I’m really just a kid at heart- I usually have fun just walking into this store and playing with all of the random stuff on the shelves! They always have new merchandise, so every time you go in- you’ll find new toys to stimulate the youngster in you!

Seriously- they don’t really let you play with the stuff in the galleries, so this store is a great release for all of that pent-up energy! You’re definitely going to find some fun stuff!

Main Beach Toys in Laguna Beach

(Main Beach Toys in Laguna Beach)

Main Beach Toys also rents beach chairs, umbrellas, and foam boogie boards- just in case you left yours at home! If you think that you’re kids are having fun just jumping around in the surf- wait until they start riding a boogie board, their eyes will light-up with excitement and you’re practically guaranteed to wear them out!! While the kids frolic in the surf, you’ll be much more comfortable sitting in a beach chair, under your umbrella! Rates may be subject to change, but the current rates (as of 8/2009) were
* boogie boards - $14 per day
* beach chairs - $6 per day
* beach umbrellas - $6 per day

Directly adjacent to the grassy area and playground of Main Beach!

150 Laguna Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-8808

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