Aegean Cafe
It's more than just dining- this Laguna Beach restaurant is a Greek Experience!!!

Aegean Cafe Laguna Beach Restaurant, Laguna Beach, California Aegean Cafe is more than just a Laguna Beach restaurant! This Greek establishment is an outrageously entertaining experience!

The food is great, the staff is fun, the music is fantastic, and the belly-dancers will literally bring your loved ones into the act! Don't miss it! Here's my story from a recent visit!...

Shortly after we sat down and ordered our flaky spanakopita and hummus & pita appetizers- the musicians began playing traditional Greek music. The Mediterranean strings set the mood for the rest of the night. Soon the belly-dancer took the floor. And after performing throughout the restaurant- she selects a few “volunteers” to train them in the art of Greek dance. This is without a doubt the funniest part of the evening, as your fellow diners show their moves! Eventually, as the musicians drove the tempo of the music to a frenzied pace- the waiters joined in with traditional Greek dancing.

As I’ve said before, try the saganaki- this flaming cheese dish is phenomenal! I also love the dolmos (grape leaves) and the tender Aegean Chicken. And since I am completely powerless against desserts- I always finish with a slice of Aegean’s thick Baklava, dripping with honey!!

Every time that I’ve been here, the Greek food is amazing, the service is excellent, and the entertainment is without a doubt- incomparable!!! For a truly unique and fun-filled dining experience, go to Aegean Cafe Greek Restaurant! This will soon become one of your favorite Laguna Beach Restaurants!

Aegean Cafe - Hours

Aegean Cafe is open wednesday through Sunday. (Closed monday and tuesday)

Mon - TuesClosed
Weds - FriOpen at 5:00p.m.
Sat - SunOpen at 11:30a.m.

Aegean Cafe Greek Food in the News

Take a trip to Greece at the Aegean Café- (12/07/2008 Coastline Pilot)
The Gossiping Gourmet's E.Harrow and E.Markowitz review the fabulous Greek food at Aegean Cafe in Laguna Beach! In this extensive review, the report on the "perfect" tabouli, flaky and buttery spanakopita, vegetarian moussaka, fresh crisp Greek salad, avgolemono soup, and a myriad of entree specialties including marinated steak, lamb, and chicken skewers, seasoned chicken dishes, pasta, and the Poseidon combo. And then came the deserts...

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Aegean Cafe - Location

Aegean Cafe
540 S Coast Hwy #200
Laguna Beach, CA 92651-2473

You'll find Aegean Cafe upstairs with the blue awnings, on PCH just north of Main Beach!

Come out and try this Laguna Beach restaurant for an AMAZING Greek experience!!

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