Coyote Grill Restaurant
Brings great Baja-style entrees to Laguna Beach

After a day of exploring nearby Valido Trail and Aliso Peak , my girlfriend Michelle and I decided to try Coyote Grill. Several of my friends have recommended this restaurant, so I was looking forward to trying it! We easily found parking on PCH. As we walked inside- there were several other groups dining, but it definitely wasn’t too crowded. Possibly because it was about 2:00pm, right in-between the lunch crowd and the dinner crowd. As we took our seats on the patio- the first thing I noticed was that I could still see the ocean over the neighboring rooftops. I don’t know why- but even a limited ocean view makes any place a little better!

After looking over the wide selection of Baja-style food available, Michelle decided on the Fruit salad and I ordered the Chicken Enchiladas. When our waiter brought our meals out- we realized what a great choice we made in picking this restaurant! Michelle’s plate practically overflowed with fruit! In the center was a large bowl of cottage cheese with sliced strawberries, and on the perimeter was every sort of fruit imaginable- Kiwi, papaya, citrus, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. My chicken enchiladas served with rice and beans were fantastic! Coyote Grill definitely exceeded our expectations!

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After we finished our lunch, we walked down to Table Rock Beach . If you’ve never been there- GO! It is without a doubt the most visually stunning beach in all of Laguna!! There is a long staircase down- but it is definitely worth the effort & I can't think of a better way to "work-off" my meal! You will not be disappointed!

Breakfast prices range from $8 to $14, with most meals around $9
Lunch prices range from $8 to $18, with most entrees around $12
Dinner prices range from $10-$25, with most entrees around $18
There is valet parking available for $3 (plus tip), and if you don’t mind walking- there is usually parking available along PCH.

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Coyote Grill - Location

Coyote Grill is located on Coast Highway in South Laguna Beach

31621 S Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, California 92651

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