Brown's Park
Unique Laguna Beach Park

Brown's Park in Laguna Beach is one of the most unique parks that you may ever encounter. This wonderful little walkway can be found tucked between the Laguna Village Shops and the Wyland Gallery in the downtown area of North Laguna Beach. This peaceful little place is hidden right in plain sight, and many people walk right by this gem without even realizing it.

brown's park walkway, laguna beach parks

Browns Park Sculpture
A Table, Book, and Two Chairs

Brown's Park table chairs & book sculpture art, Laguna Beach ParksAt the entrance to Brown's Park, you'll find a bronze sculpture of a table, two chairs, and a book. You'll find many sculptures as you explore Laguna Beach, but this is perhaps one of my favorites and it adds a level of calmness and serenity to Brown's Park!

Brown's Park Poetry & Stained Glass
Looking out over Main Beach in Laguna

At the end of the walkway in Brown's Park, you'll reach an overlook with two stained glass fence rails. Embedded in each rail is the poem "In this fleeting moment..."Brown's Park stained glass fence art overlook, Laguna Beach Parks
Brown's Park stained glass fence rail, Laguna Beach ParksThe poem reads:
In this fleeting moment
what extravagant respite
as booming surf speaks its
mystical passage across
the undreamed depths.
Along this little walk, you'll also find a poem written by Joe Brown's grandfather enscribed on a plaque.Brown's Park poem plaque, Laguna Beach Parks

Let me live in a house by the side of the sea,
Where men and women wander by
Where there is beauty and grace and excitement that's free
On the beach, in the sun let me lie
Let me listen to ocean's melodious roar
And its rhythm, so soothing to hear
As the foam-covered waves seem to reach for the shore
Under skies that are sunny and clear.
-Joseph E. Brown

Brown's Park stained glass fence art overlook, Laguna Beach ParksAnd as you stand on the wooden terrace at the end of the walk of Brown's Park, you'll not only enjoy poetry and stained glass- you'll also get to see a magnificent view of Main Beach in Laguna!

This wonderful Laguna Beach park was donated by Joe Brown after his grandfathers beachfront home was destroyed by a winter storm. Come see the bronze statuary chairs, dedication plaque and poem, and the stained glass fencing where the walkway culminates in a fantastic oceanview overlook!

551 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, California directions

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