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Callaloo Soup cup/bowl
Spinach, okra and coconut milk from Trinidad. Made with clam & lobster base, thyme, garlic and shallots

Caribbean Conch Fritters (aka Caribbean Viagra)
(these are absolutely wonderful, but they take 10-15 minutes) imported conch from the Caribbean, sweet corn and roasted red peppers seasoned with garlic, lime, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper

Crab and Sweet Corn Cakes
Dungeness Crab meat and sweet corn seasoned with herbs and spices from around the Caribbean. Served with our pineapple, mango salsa

Cajun Prawns (very spicy)
(spicy, but worth the burn!) Black tiger shrimp, marinated in lime, garlic and chili then dredged in Cajun spices and seared in a black skillet. Served with a grilled pineapple, roasted pepper and passion fruit relish

Punani Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp seasoned and breaded with coconut, served with sweet mango chutney

Aubergine Choka
Eggplant stuffed with garlic then roasted. Flame roasted eggplant is then sautéed with shallots, chilies, onions and seasonings, served with toasted pita


St. Martin Salad
(also available with jerk chicken) mixed baby greens, red onions, pineapple, tomatoes and tossed with our passion fruit/raspberry vinaigrette (also available as Dinner Salad)

Punani Greens
Jumbo shrimp seasoned and breaded with coconut, served with mixed greens and our passion fruit/raspberry vinaigrette

Garlic Island Caesar
(also available with jerk chicken) crisp romaine lettuce, baked garlic croutons, tossed in our traditional GARLIC Caesar dressing (also available as Dinner Salad)

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