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Mosun Salads

Mosun salad - 8
Iceberg lettuce & cabbage with ginger-soy dressing
(available with mixed green)

Crispy calamari salad - 12
Tempura battered calamari & spring mix

Sashimi salad - 14
(spicy upon request)
Fresh spring mix salad and diced assorted sashimi with sesame soy flavored dressing

Banbanji (Japanese Chicken Salad) - 11
Iceberg lettuce & cabbage with mustard soy dressing with cucumber

Salmon skin salad - 11
Fresh spring mix salad, kaiware, gobo and baked crispy salmon skin mixed with smelt egg, green onion, bonito powder with spicy ponzu sauce

Festive Tuna Salad - 13
Fresh spring mix salad with diced tuna and sweet cinnamon sauce

Kitchen Entrees

Chicken Bento Box - 16
Teriyaki marinated with vegetables and steamed rice

Panko Crusted Halibut - 24
Sautéed spinach, garlic mashed potatoes w/ shrimp in an asian beurre blanc

Seared Jumbo Scallops - 27
Wok seared served with shitake mushrooms and potato puree

Salmon Bento Box - 18
Sweet soy glazed with vegetables and rice. Mosun Trio 40 Black Angus Fillet mignon(4oz), Mexican Brown shrimp, scallop, salmon and potato puree

Black Cod - 28
Marinate with miso and baked with Japanese spicy pepper, asparagus with spring mix salad and potato puree

NY Steak Bento Box - 21
Soy glazed with vegetables and steamed rice

Ginger Teriyaki Chicken - 19
Grilled chicken breast, vegetable with ginger teriyaki sauce

Filet mignon - 37
Black angus filet mignon with Japanese burgundy mushroom sauce with vegetables & potato puree

Korean Short Rib BBQ - 24
Marinated and grilled Korean BBQ with vegetables and steamed rice

Mosun’s Spicy Chicken Steak - 20
Marinated and grilled spicy chicken breast with vegetable

Spicy Chicken Yaki Soba - 15
Japanese style fried noodel with chicken & vegetable

Spicy Sesame Chicken - 18
Marinated and deep fried chicken with Japanese spicy pepper

Baked Japanese Red Snapper - 20
Baked red snapper with creamy miso sauce wok stir scallop & vegetable

Baked Sea Bass - 26
Sauteed spinach, garlic mashed potatoes with mexican brown shrimp and baked sea bass with wok sitr scallop & vegetables

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