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Royal Hawaiian Appetizers

Parmesan Bread - $4
Steamed sliced French bread topped with parmesan cheese

Garlic Bread - $4
Delicious and warm French bread slices with just enough garlic and butter

French Fries - $5

  • Add $1.00 with cheese
  • Add $1.00 with rib sauce
  • Add $1.00 for side of Ono Ono dressing

Onion Rings - $6
Lightly battered and served with ketchup

  • Add $1.00 for side of Ono Ono dressing

Chicken Tenders - $9
Lightly battered and fried strips of tender chicken breast

Chicken Skewers - $10
2 grilled teriyaki chicken skewers served with rice

Chicken Wings - $10
Served wet or dry

Ahi Poki - $12
Ahi, green onion, sesame oil, grated ginger, chilli pepper & chopped macadamian nuts

Seared Ahi - $16
Seared or Blackened Ahi served with soy sauce, wasabi & ginger.

Shrimp Cocktail - $12
Large shrimp served with cocktail sauce and horseradish

Coconut Shrimp - $16
Served with sweet dipping sauce

Shrimp Plate - $16
Jumbo Shrimp fried with a light batter

Scallop Plate - $16
Seared or fried scallops served with lemon, tartar sauce or cocktail sauce

Avocado & Scallop Ceviche - $12
Scallops & avocado with mango, papaya in cilantro, onion & key lime juice

Fish N Chips - $11
Icelandic cod and french fries served with lemon, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce or balsamic vinegar

Cheese Burger Sliders - $10
3 Grilled Stockyard Angus Cheese Burger Sliders with grilled onions & dill pickle served with fries

Pulled Pork Sliders - $10
3 Pulled Pork Sliders with BBQ Sauce served with fries

Ribs & Shrimp - $16
A plate of 1/2each or our famous ribs and fried shrimp

Rib Plate - $16
Full rack of our famous ribs

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