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Menu items, pricing, and information may change at anytime without notice.

The dinner menu at Dizz's As Is changes nightly. The following are samples of items that can be found on the menu.

All dinners include:
Pate de Maison
Soup du Jour
Salad of the House
Hot Sourdough Bread

Prices for complete dinners
generally range from $20.95 to $45.95

Filet Rossini
A tender filet mignon wrapped in bacon, topped with pate and atruffle laced burgundy wine sauce

Swordfish Madagascar
A thick, fresh steak, seared and baked and topped with a cream, cognac, dijon mustard and greenpeppercorn sauce

Veal Piccatta
Tender, pounded veal sauteed in butter, lemons, green onions and mushrooms

Veal Marsala
Tender, pounded veal sauteed in butter, shallots,mushrooms,marsala wine and cream

Seabass Grenobloise
Seared and baked, then topped with a sautee of lemon, butter and capers

Chicken Neptune
A double breast of chicken stuffed with crab, bay shrimp, mushrooms and a hint of curry. Topped with Hollandaise sauce

A rich, spicy tomato sauce filled with a combination of crab, clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and fresh fish

Rack Of Lamb
Seared then rubbed with garlic butter and baked. Served over an au jus sauce

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